A Research-Driven Agenda: Navigating the Age of the Technology-Empowered Consumer

Now that consumers can engage, browse, compare, shop, and share on a mobile device anywhere and anytime, the retail, consumer products and wholesale industries will never be the same again. Customers expect a seamless brand experience that transcends devices and physical locations. They have high expectations and crave unique experiences that reflect their personal values.

Reinvention is the name of the game. Startups are disrupting all kinds of industry segments and consumer brands are popping up in mini-shops everywhere, looking for new ways to connect with customers. Meanwhile, the brick-and-mortar businesses are going online, and the e-commerce shops are going brick-and-mortar. Technology is the thread that’s helping the winners set new standards in delivering personalized, high-touch customer experiences.

We developed this year’s theme through the approach we take to shape the agenda of all Eventful Conferences events. To discover the most relevant topics to you, we interviewed 50+ individuals from organizations responsible for customer experience, supply chain, procurement, business analytics, finance, and IT. We also look to SAP and industry influencers to identify global trends in the retail, footwear and apparel, consumer products, and wholesale distribution industries.

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